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Coffman Fresh Coffee, producer and distributor of Arabica coffee beans and coffee shop ingredients. Fresh coffee maker
Coffee shop equipment and coffee shop business, fresh coffee franchise Over 15 years of experience

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Ready to provide wholesale-retail service of Arabica coffee beans. Cheap fresh coffee maker coffee shop equipment Coffee shop business, fresh coffee franchise

Learn how to make coffee with fresh coffee recipes. Including a team of technicians and after-sales service providing advice on opening a coffee shop.

Arabica coffee beans Fresh coffee shop ingredients and equipment

Dark roasted coffee beans Arabica 100% From a farm in the upper north of Thailand Hand-selecting only ripe and perfect cherries (One-by-One)

and go through the production processThat meets international standards in the Wet Process style until it becomes a premium quality coffee substance.

and roasted by Kaufman Roastery, Phayao Province. Quality guaranteed by FDA, GMP and Halal signs.

Price is 650 baht per kilogram. There are bags of 500 grams and 1 kilogram.

What is Arabica coffee?

Other Cafe Ingredients

Arabica coffee beans, Thai tea, green tea, cocoa powder, matcha powder, etc.

Coffee Machine

Various models to meet the needs of your coffee shop business. Whether you are opening a small coffee shop or a premium coffee shop.

Both cheap fresh coffee makers and Italian fresh coffee makers.

Italian and Spanish coffee makers, 2-3 brewing heads
  • Professional brewing machine that can brew more than 200 cups per day.

      Can brew continuously to accommodate a large number of customers.

      To answer the question Your coffee shop business

  • Warranty for the machine for 1 full year.

  • There is a free coffee making course with fresh coffee recipes.

  • Service is available and genuine parts are used for maintenance.

How to choose a fresh coffee maker for a coffee shop business Read more...