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Coffman Ricco Ramkhamhaeng

Coffman Branches


Coffman Ricco Espresso bar is a coffee shop which provide various coffee menus, tea, cocoa and others. There are specialty coffee such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama, El Salvador, Columbia and Thai Peaberry. Customer can choose brewing methods ; Pour over or Espresso.  

We also provide Coffee shop materials such as, Roasted coffee bean, Cocoa powder, Matcha Green Tea, Tea leaves, and others. Also we sell Espresso machine, Coffee Grinder, Smoothie Blender, and other equipments. There is a "Basic Barista Course" available for people who want to open a coffee shop and want to learn coffee and other drinks recipe. We call ourselves as "Coffee Solution" since we do have Franchise Packages which suit your financial budget. 

Working hours 8 AM – 5 PM (Close on Sunday)

Coffman Ricco Ramkhamhaeng

Phnom Penh
Siem Reap